« Taiwan Journal of Political Science No.62Publish: 2014/12

Power Competition and Cooperation between the EURATOM and Its Member States: The Case of the International Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management Regime

Author: Yea-jen Tseng

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This study is concerned with the construction of the international spent fuel and radioactive waste management regime, and the process of integrating this regime into the process of European integration. As an international legal personality, the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) has faced both cooperation and competition in its relations with its member states. EURATOM might cooperate with members to promote an international regime with which both have shared interests. Nevertheless, on occasions member states have deliberately weakened EURATOM’s presence in international negotiations to serve their own national interests. Therefore, the relationship of cooperation and competition between EURATOM and member states demonstrates liberal-intergovernmentalism in the field of nuclear regimes in the context of European integration.

Keywords:EURATOM、International Nuclear Safety、international regimes、Spent Fuel