« Taiwan Journal of Political Science No.21Publish: 2004/09

Are We Living in Different Taipeis? — In Search of Taipei’s Subjectivity: 1994-2002

Author: Ya-han Chuang, Yi-ting Wang, Wei-li Wu

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Departing from the analytical approach of political psychology and combining some scope of cultural studies as well, this article is trying to explore how Taipei City  perceives  and  performs  its  subjectivity  politically  and  culturally.  The  first Taipei City Mayor election in 1994 aroused the city to construct its self-identity and rewrite  inner  boundaries;  since  then  the  two  mayors—Chen  Shui-Bian  and  Ma Ing-Jiuo– have revealed their distinct imagination of what Taipei should  be/have, which  stem  from  their  specific  ethnic  backgrounds  and  identity  proposition,  and therefore their policies are not as neutral as looked but dependent on their different recognitions   of   history.   Meanwhile,   various   city   inhabitants   also   yearn   for idiosyncratic memories or attachment for  identification  that  could  be  neglected  or consoled through different policies. Whereas the consensual citizen identity is still questionable,   individuals   can  nevertheless  articulate  alternative  possibility  of communication through consumption but also brings about predicaments to Taipei embedded in the global capitalism structure.

Keywords:cultural studies、ethnic background、identification、political psychology、Subjectivity