« Taiwanese Journal of Political Science No.89Publish: 2021/09

Research on Wang Anshi’s Mode of Thought from His Viewpoint on the Relationship between Phenomena and Reality

Author: Cheng-wei Yuan

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After the Tang-Song transformation (唐宋變革), intellectuals took leading

roles in politics, and they thought about and dealt with problems by referring to

modes of thought. Wang Anshi was an example of a mode of thought in his

writing “Identity of Phenomena and Reality”. This mode of thought originated

from his explanation of the relationship between Li (the Great Rule) and QI

(vital energy). Wang Anshi was used to thinking with a “bottom-up” formula

and dispelling any differences. When talking about issues like “permanence

versus change”, “nature and temperament”, and “justice versus benefit”,

intellectuals held discourses with this mode of thought. The policies of

education, finance and national defense were affected by the opinions of Wang


Keywords:Identity of Phenomena and Reality、the Relationship between Li and Qi、The Relationship between Phenomena and Reality、Wang Anshi、Xi-Ning Reform