Taiwanese Journal of Political Science

Taiwanese Journal of Political Science (known until March 2009 as Political Science Review) is a professional journal aimed at exploring issues related to Political Science. It was founded with the aim of inspiring Taiwanese research in political science in March, 1990. After a decade of efforts by students and faculty in our department, as well as other students in the same field, the academic prominence and influence of this journal has been widely recognized. It has been incorporated into the Taiwan Social Science Citation Index database since 2000.

Originally issued biannually, Taiwanese Journal of Political Science has been issued on a quarterly basis since June of 2004. The department expects it to become the most prominent and representative political science journal in the Chinese academic world. It emphasizes generality and comprehensiveness, and thus welcomes a variety of theories and analyses related to politics and political phenomena in all fields, such as political theory, international relations, public administration, cultural studies, and other broader subfields of social science and/or social philosophy. Taiwanese Journal of Political Science welcomes submissions from all over the Chinese academic world, in Taiwan and overseas. Our department expects that it will become an arena in which academic professionals from different backgrounds and generations can inspire one another.

Complete text of each issue

(Taiwanese Journal of Political Science is now published online; please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to access full-text articles)

  • Taiwanese Journal of Political Science (formerly known as Political Science Review) is an academic journal in the field of political science. The journal was established as a biannual publication in March 1990. Since June 2004 the journal has been published quarterly.
  • The primary purpose of the journal is to publish, in Chinese, academic articles related to political science. Academic articles should not exceed 20,000 characters in length. The journal also publishes book reviews and research notes. Book reviews and research notes should not exceed 10,000 characters in length. Submissions in the field of political science are welcome at any time.
  • Journal articles are subject to a process of anonymous review.
  • With the exception of special contributions, the journal does not accept translated articles or articles written in English.
  • The journal does not accept multiple submissions. Please withdraw from consideration any article that you wish to submit elsewhere.
  • The journal reserves the right to alter the format or wording of submissions.
  • The journal will provide one copy of the issue in which the author’s article appears, as well as twenty copies of the article itself.
  • The journal is unable to return submissions. Please retain a copy of any article submitted to the journal.
  • Authors of articles appearing in the journal retain copyright to their own work. However, they must grant the journal non-exclusive rights to use their work without the need for additional compensation. Articles may be reproduced and uploaded to the internet. Readers are allowed to search, read, download, and print articles for non-commercial purposes.
  • Submissions should be made using Microsoft Word 7.0 or higher. Two paper copies should be sent along with one electronic copy stored on either a 1.44MB floppy disc or compact disc. Please also sign and return one copy of the statement on prior publication .
  • Completed submissions should be sent by registered mail to National Taiwan University Department of Political Science, “Taiwanese Journal of Political Science Editorial Committee”, No. 21 Xuzhou Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan (Republic of China)
  • Submissions should include the below items in order:
    1. The following information in both Chinese and English: title of submission; full name; competition date; institution and title of author; and contact details (including telephone number, postal address, and email address)
    2. Chinese and English title page to include: title, abstract of around 300 words or characters, and between three and five keywords.
    3. The main text of the submission (please do not include any information that could reveal your identity).
    4. Bibliography including all sources cited in the main text. Sources in Chinese and Japanese should be listed first, followed by sources in other languages. Sources in Chinese and Japanese should be arranged according to stroke number of the name of each author (or editor or translator). Sources in other languages should be listed in alphabetical order. Please do not add sources not cited in the text to the bibliography.
  • For stylistic rules and layout, please refer to this link .