Asian Ethnicity

Asian Ethnicity
In the twenty-first century ethnic issues have assumed importance in many parts of the world. Until recently, questions of Asian ethnicity and identity have been treated in a balkanized fashion. Asian Ethnicity provides a cross-disciplinary, international venue for the publication of well-researched articles about ethnic groups and ethnic relations in the half of the world where questions of ethnicity now loom largest. All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, and the journal has been included in two citation indexes, Sociological Abstracts and International Political Science Abstracts. In content, it covers any time period, although the greatest focus is expected to be on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In broad terms the geographical region of concern for the journal is bounded by Lake Baikal to the north, Japan to the east, Java to the south, and the Caspian Sea to the west. The most populous, and probably most significant, contemporary political states to be included are China, India and Indonesia.

From January 2008, the editorial responsibility will transfer to the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University, with Professor Chih-Yu Shih serving as the editor-in-chief, and Professor Chen-Dong Tso, Professor Teng-chi Chang, and Professor Chih-Chieh Chou serving as managing editors. In addition, Professor Pi-Chun Chang at the Department of East Asian Culture and Developments, National Taiwan Normal University, and Kang-uk Jung, Ph.D. Candidate of International Politics and Comparative Politics at Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, will serve as book review editors. The editorial team also includes two administrative assistants, Hsin-hsien Yu and En-tzu Chang, and two interns, I-hung Chiu and Yu-han Tarng.

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Please send books for review to Kang-uk Jun <> (for books on Asian Ethnicity in general) and Pi-chun Chang <pcc@ntnu.> (for books on Asian Diapora)

For any other questions, please contact editorial assistant: Ms. Hsin-hsien Yu, Tel: 886-2-23519641 ~ 501; Email:

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