Curricular of EMPA

  1. Credit requirement: 31 course credits, which includes 25 required courses credits and 6 credits of degree
  2. Students have to take 13 courses.
  3. Elective courses taken from the Department of Political Science or other departments will not be included in the
    credit requirement of EMPA. The ceiling of courses taken in each semester is 4 courses.
  4. For required courses please refer to the table below.
    Course Credits
    Seminar on International Politics and Cross-Strait Relations 2
    Seminar on Comparative Government and Politics 2
    Seminar on Government and Enterprise 2
    Seminar on Human Resource Management and Development 2
    Seminar on Public Law 2
    Seminar on Public Policy 2
    Seminar on Fiscal Management 2
    Seminar on Political Development and Democratization 2
    Seminar on Local Governments and Management 2
    Seminar on Taiwan’s Social and Economic Development 2
    Seminar on Public Management Techniques 2
    Seminar on China ‘s Politics and Economy 2
    Seminar on Preparing Dissertation and Theses 1

Elective courses offered by EMPA are listed in the table below.

Course Credits
Seminar on Public Affairs 3
Interdisciplinary Seminar 1