Dual Degree Program

A. Established Dual Master Degree Program

Dual Degree Program between NTU and University of Geneva’s International Organizations MBA

Department of Political Science started to offer an IOMBA program cooperative with University of Geneva. The successful applicants have to complete a 90 credits course in the University of Geneva within 13 months and applying suspension or extending the period of study is not allowed. Department of Politics Science NTU will recognize the advanced standing credits, which is no more than 12 credits.

NTU Applicant’s qualification
The applicant has to be an MA student in the Department of Political Science.
The applicant’s language proficiency must at least obtain 100 in TOEFL iBT or 250 in TOEFL CBT.

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-Application for Admission 2012/2013

To apply for admission 2012/2013, please prepare IOMBA pre admission documents and summit department application form, official transcript of master program, and a hard copy of the language proficiency paper to the department office before 2012/2/20. The recommended applicants have to complete IOMBA application on-line before 2012/3/6. Admission decision will be announced by University of Geneva on 2012/3/16.

  1. Pre admission documents
  2. Online application form duly completed and submitted
  3. Online application fee paid
  4. Official transcript sent in a sealed envelope by the conferring University to the IOMBA Program Admission Office
  5. Photocopy of the undergraduate diploma
  6. Academic reference letter
  7. Professional reference letter
  8. Official GMAT
  9. Official TOEFL
  10. 2 UNIGE Matriculation forms
  11. Photocopy of passport
  12. 4 passport photos
  13. Post admission documents
  14. Commitment fee
  15. Academic CV – a detailed chronological listing of all educational institutions you attended from elementary school onwards (name and city of the institution, years, degrees awarded)

B. Prospective Dual Master Degree Program

The Department of Political Science at NTU seeks to set up further dual degree master program in cooperation with comparable departments/programs/schools in higher-education institutions globally. To this end, the Department has set up an English Program on East Asian Studies, which offers graduate-level courses in English regularly in an academic year. These courses will be open to all students from those institutions forging the dual-degree partnership above with the Department. To view the courses in the English Program on East Asian Studies, please click here. These courses concentrate on the international relations and domestic politico-economic developments of various countries in East Asia, with a proper balance among theories, methodologies, and practical issues in the sub-field.