Department Structure

The undergraduate program, divided into three sub-divisions, nowadays offers a great variety of courses. Students are encouraged to enroll in any course of interest from a vast array of classes from all departments. However, the department does require its students to complete mandatory courses. This policy is tailor-made in accordance with course-requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Education (varying from one sub-division to another). Course designs for each sub-division are carefully planned to prepare undergraduates either for future academic studies or for their future professional needs.

The graduate, on the other hand, aims to develop professionals in the academic field of political science. Similar to the undergraduate program, the graduate program is also divided into three sub-divisions: political theory, international relations and public administration. Each recruits students individually.

The doctoral program is not divided into sub-divisions since the number of students is small. Doctoral students are encouraged to focus on research in their respective fields of interest, to select courses related to professional needs, and, not least of all, to produce high caliber academic work.