In recent years, professionals of both public and private sector are trying to catch up to the rapid changing society. Many high level managers find exploring advanced knowledge and deepening professions in order to  squeeze working time for learning and writing research reports in the night as a kind of trendy life style. Executive Master of Public Administration program turns out to be a popular setting in lots of universities.Department of Political Science NTU launched the Executive Master of Public Administration Program in 2001. However; well program planning and curricular design helped EMPA program gain high positive feedback during the first year, and established a firm foundation that expanded and brightened the successful educational quality of NTU.

  • 1. Well planned and highly intensive curricular

Credit requirement of EMPA is 25 credits, which includes 13 required courses with a varied content that is full of challenges. The scope of this course is designed in accordance with global perspectives to enhance student’s literacy of modern public administration and public policy through legislation courses. Aside from the courses required, students, according to personal interests, are encouraged to choose other courses in any other department of the campus, which are not required credits for graduation.

  • 2. Excellence in selecting faculty

In order to expand the opportunity to learning from frontier experts, at least two professors are designated to one course. According to issues taught in the courses, EMPA program invites professionals from different departments of NTU and other universities, ministers of government, and senior managers to teach in the joint-lecture. The faculty EMPA invited has made EMPA a special and remarkable program.

  • 3. Unlimited professional background to applicants

When workers are getting indifference toward their work, a creative and fulfilled brainstorming platform is the best arena for them to learn from. Hence, to achieve the idea of multiple structures and found a learning environment full with surprise and creativity, EMPA program recruits experienced professions but sets up no limitation to an applicant’s background. Currently students are professionals from both public and private sectors, including engineer, music, medicine and agriculture, and background with economics, politics and law. Alumni of EMPA stay well connection to each other after they left NTU.

  • 4. Schooling time on Saturday

Classes run from 8:50am to 3:40pm every Saturday to avoid lethargy during working days that could affect study performance. In the duration of two study years, classmates coexist to learn in the same class and gain friendships which became the most precious fruit in their career life.

  • 5. Extracurricular to extent the broader of learning

As well as indoor teaching, EMPA program also conducts a variety of academic conferences and on-site visiting events. There are regular conferences cooperating with Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Jilin University, and Renmin University of China. Ongoing cooperation is represented through continuous communication with Harvard University, Tokyo University and National University of Singapore. Furthermore, the program organizes study tours, such as aboriginal culture, refined agriculture, classical music, hiking, and visiting the Executive Yuan Coast Guard, Army Headquarters, parliaments, county and city governments, MRT excavation project,  etc.

EMPA program is a broad channel to endless development. It is not merely an investment of career, it is a destination of an academic degree to enrich the variety of life. Alumnus Mr. Yong-Fong Yang from Public Service Pension Fund said, returning to campus made him ‘remind the student life’, he was getting more humble and younger. Another alumnus Ms Chong-Yao Fong, works in the Ministry of Culture, said, ‘join the EMPA, you will discover another life. ’
Since 2001, EMPA program has gained high recognition from the audience. All students study very hard and sacrifice their precious time to participate in discussion and support each other. Department of Political Science is proud of recruiting these outstanding students and pursuing excellence to operate the most rigorous EMPA. The goal of EMPA is to achieve the educational idea of inspiring students and making them proud of EMPA in their lifetime.